A Small Business Website Redesign

Steriquip is small business in the health and medical industry that installs and repairs sterilizing equipment.

We provided them with a professional and modern design that would better engage potential clients while appealing to their existing client base and provide user friendly contact options.

Prior to our redesign, Steriquip had issues marketing to their customer base and successfully engaging their clients through their site.

Click through to see the issues Steriquip needed to resolve and how we solved them together!

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Outdated Design

The site was very dated and the information laid out in a confusing way. Developer was difficult to contact leaving client with little choice to update, but to wait.

Not Mobile Friendly

Site wasn’t mobile or tablet friendly.

No Contact Options

The site did not provide user focused easy to use contact forms. They only provided a phone number and email address in text. 

    Installed WordPress, Divi, and Provided Custom Images

    Installing WordPress and Divi solved multiple problems for Steriquip and the custom images we edited helped promote their brand identity while engaging users!

    Outdated Design – Solved with our top notch designers! Our designers worked closely with Steriquip to make sure we understood their vision, as well as the perspective of Steriquip’s target demographic to ensure their website appealed to their primary users.

    Not Mobile Friendly – Solved again through Divi and the ability to translate across all devices, mobile or desktop.

    No Contact Options – We set up intuitive and easy to use contact forms and linked all phone numbers to pop up automatically in mobile user’s phones if touched.

    Easy to Update

    The highly intuitive Divi interface provided clients the option to make small or substantial changes to their website. Dragonfly Digital is also only a phone call or email away from a quick response!

    Increased Conversion Rates 

    By integrating dynamic call to action buttons and easy to use contact forms, we were able to better engage with Steriquip’s online consumer base and increasing sales.