Chosen Family Law

A Small Business Website 

Chosen Family Law prides themselves on the unique legal services they provide to diversified families.

We created a website design that reflected their messaging, while presenting information in a format that was accessible, easy to use, and bar association approved. 

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  • Chosen Family Law needed to provide legal information and contact forms to benefit as many people as possible.

Reaching Users

  • Chosen Family Law needed a website that appealed to users who would most benefit from the specialized service they provide.
  • They needed a website that was comforting and reflective of their mission statement, but that also met the state bar online requirements and conveyed the professional expertise of the attorney.

Client Editing Capabilities

  • The client needed to be able to maintain and update her site on her own after we launched the product to comply with lawful practice policies. 

Created a WordPress Site using Divi and Custom Web Graphics

Starting from scratch, we built a professional user friendly website using custom web graphics.

Client Editing Capabilities– Solved though Divi’s highly intuitive, front-end editor. Dragonfly Digital also provides tutorials and hands-on help to ensure the site is easy for clients to update and edit on their own – without needing to be dependent on coders and developers! 

Accessibility We made sure to create a site that was responsive across all devices, mobile or desktop. 

Reaching UsersOur designers also worked closely with Chosen Family Law to make sure we understood their vision, as well as the perspective of the client’s target demographic to ensure their website appealed to their primary users. 

One Empowered Client! 

Utilizing Divi and it’s highly intuitive interface, empowers our clients to easily make changes to their website. We are also here to answer any questions, and provide, not only one on one training, but also several tutorial videos as well. 

Increased Conversion Rates 

Creating a visually appealing, dynamic, and mobile friendly website helps users identify with Chosen Family Laws core values and empowers potential clients to reach out.