Xotic Customs

A Small Business Website Update

Xotic Customs is a creative motorcycle and auto shop specializing in custom builds. They have been featured in multiple magazines and on national television.

We updated Xotic Customs LLC’s old, faulty website, and gave them a sleek new design worthy of their product! We also optimized their product pages, and they saw a significant increase in sales. 

Prior to our redesign, Xotic Customs had troubling issues with their online store, and were unable to successfully market to their customer base or cater to their clients due a faulty and outdated website.

Click through to see the issues Xotic Customs needed to resolve and how we solved them together!

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Developer Dependent Updates

The old website was created with html and css, and client had no way of updating information without relying on original developers (who were AWOL).

Not Mobile Friendly

Site wasn’t mobile, or even table friendly. There was one version, which was built for a desktop. 

Faulty E-Commerce Software

The software had little to no security measures in place. Client received multiple spam signups, causing them to doubt the authenticity of actual customers, and took away valuable time better spent on actually running their business.  

Outdated Design

The overall design of the site was outdated, making it clear, it was launched some years prior.  

Site and Store Not Secure

  • The SSL certificate wasn’t installed, causing some browsers to halt interaction with the site. 
  • The store software was also not secure, and outdated, causing multiple accounts to be created by phishing bots.
  • By creating site with HTML and CSS, original developers left no security measures in place, leaving the site wide open for attacks.    

Installed WordPress, Divi and WooCommerce

Installing WordPress, Divi and WooCommerce solved multiple problems for Xotic Customs!

Developer Dependent Updates – Solved though Divi’s highly intuitive, front-end editor. Dragonfly Digital also provides tutorials and hands-on help to ensure the site is easy for clients to update and edit on their own – without needing to be dependent on coders and developers! 

Not Mobile Friendly – Solved again through Divi and the ability to translate across all devices, mobile or desktop. 

Outdated Design – Solved with Divi because our design options are limitless! Our designers worked closely with Xotic Customs to make sure we understood their vision, as well as the mindset of Xotic Customs own customer base to ensure their website appealed to that demographic.  

Faulty E-Commerce Software – Solved through WooCommerce. We setup and helped acclimate the client on WooCommerce, a powerful open-source, completely customizable, safe and secure eCommerce platform. 

Site and Store Not Secure – Solved again by WordPress, Divi and WooCommerce! 

  • Most hosting companies provide SSL certificates, making this an easy fix. We offer hosting to our clients where this isn’t an option. 
  • By utilizing WordPress, as opposed to coding the website through html and css, we ensure our sites are updated and protected against the latest security threats. 

One Empowered Client! 

Utilizing Divi and it’s highly intuitive interface, empowers our clients to easily make changes to their website. We are also here to answer any questions, and provide, not only one on one training, but also offer several tutorial videos as well. 

Increased Conversion Rates 

Creating a visually appealing, dynamic, and mobile friendly website increases time potential and current customers spend on the website, thereby increasing the likelihood of sales! 

Xotic Custom’s Old Website