How to Update WordPress Website

At least once a month, you should update your WordPress website. Most important reason is to minimize security risks, but it also helps keep your website running smoothly. Not to mention, Divi is constantly updating, adding new features! The following video will walk you through this process.  

If you have any questions, shoot me an email, or comment below! We also offer a very reasonably priced monthly website maintenance program. Email me for details.  

Welcome to Dragonfly Digital, How to Update Your WordPress Website.

Open up any browser, and navigate to your website, but at the end, I want you to add /wp-admin, that’s slash w p dash admin. You’ll be brought to this screen, and I want you to login with the bottom one, the login with username and password, not the top one.

Login with Username and Password, and if you’ve forgotten your password, click on Lost Your Password, and it will send it to your email.

Once you get to your website, look over to the left on the Dashboard, and you see this red circle, the red dot with the number in it. That means you need to update some of your plugins or your theme.

You’ll want to update because sometimes there’s a security risk, or you know, updates, especially Divi, they’ve got some really cool updates (insert here new features!). They update a lot, so Update Updates!

Click on Updates, and it will bring you to the WordPress Updates Page.  You’ll see there are two different categories, Plugins and Themes. I mostly only use the Divi theme, so you should only have one. Click on Select All, then Update Themes button. This process should only take a couple of seconds, unless it’s a major update.

You’ll come back to this page and it should say, all updates have been completed. But! remember, we still have our Plugins to update, so click on Return to WordPress Updates Page.

Click on Select All. Again, I don’t like to have a lot of Plugins, so mostly you’ll have JetPack and Yoast, oh and Divi Builder. Sometimes I keep that on there, even though it’s not necessary. Click on Update Plugins, and you’ll be brought back to the same screen a couple of seconds later.

The update process has finished! All updates have been completed, but let’s check again just to make sure. Click on Return to WordPress Updates Page, and you’ll see there’s no red circle with the numbers there!

We’ve done it. It’s as easy as that!

To recap, Updates, and if you see a red circle with a number, follow the process I just went through. If not, your WordPress website is up to date!

Thanks Y’all!