How to Add and Change Text with Divi

When you need to update your text content, Divi Builder makes it easy! Here’s a quick tutorial on adding and customizing text modules.

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1. Navigate to the Site in the top left hand corner, click on Visit, then navigate to the page you want to update.

2. Click on Enable Visual Builder and hover over the page and find the Section Settings in Blue, the Row Settings in Green and the Module Settings in Grey. Click on the module settings symbol, which we affectionately call the Cog.

3. Edit your text in the Content tab of the box that pops up. The box is just like any text editor you are used to.

4. Change the design in the Design Tab. Click on Text, and pick from a huge assortment of fonts, including all Google Fonts, text weights, styles, sizes, line heights, color, alignment, and special effects.

5. Remember to click the Green Check Mark, then the Purple Button with the White Dots, and last, SAVE!

Here’s a Quick and Easy Tutorial if you’re in a hurry!