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Optimize and Thrive Live SEO Course!


Your low, low price of $25 a month enrollment in this one of a kind course grants you access to The SEO Coach, learning the wildly successful SEO money page keyword strategy, and more!

  • access to 4, yes 4! live coaching sessions a month – $600 value
  • an all-access pass to the recorded live sessions
  • a private members only forum
  • 25 plus years of SEO and marketing design expertise – invaluable!
  • the entire Optimize and Thrive SEO course (new modules added frequently!) – a $1497 value
  • control over your marketing strategies – invaluable!
  • and most important, highly targeted leads coming right to your inbox! – valued at making you rich!

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in this comprehensive full course, and master the art of SEO to attract quality clients and boost your bottom line exponentially!


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Strategic Planning – Essential Tools

Digital Marketing – Finding Your Audience

Knowing Your Audience

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New Section

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The Technical Stuff

Links Matter

The Secret

Google Business (Maps) Profile

Social Media

Specific Content Management Systems

Industry Tips and Tricks – All Lessons Coming Soon!